WLOE / Traprock Cooperation, 2017

In 2017 the Traprock Center for Peace & Justice continued its sponsorship of the Women & Life on Earth internet project. We worked closely on projects ranging from responses to current events – and threats of war – through statements in local media, to major research during an international trip to Germany in November 2017. All statements and information were shared with the 400+ Traprock listserve and posted on both Traprock and WLOE websites.

December 2017:
Letter to the Editor:  A Prize That Matters, on the awarding of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN. Published in the Montague Reporter, Athol Daily News and Greenfield Recorder

End of year message: From Traprock in 2017: distributed to listserve, read or download here

November 2017:
A Traprock grant supported WLOE coordinator Anna Gyorgy’s 5 week trip to Germany to participate in and record social movement action on climate, around the November UN Climate Conference in Bonn. Interviews were also done with experts on peace, climate and agriculture. These will be put on-line and edited for a public program in 2018. See: https://newsite.traprock.org/voices-from-bonn-system-change-not-climate-change/

Letter to the Editor describing trip plans:
From the Connecticut River to the Rhine: local reporting for climate action

Letter to the Editor: Traprock supports peace action in Korean crisis
This was printed in the Montague Reporter (no on-line edition) and in the following local press:

Traprock grants support local to global action

See report in the Greenfield Recorder, July 22, 2017 – Traprock Peace Center projects planned.

Letter to the Editor/Traprock statement with action resources:
What do we want for our country, and the world?

Submitted by Anna Gyorgy for WLOE, January 5, 2018