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Watch System Change, Not Climate Change, a report home from the 2017 World Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany.

The Global Struggle for Resources

A talk by Michael Klare at Greenfield Community College, 2/18/2010 Geopolitics scholar and teacher Michael Klare addresses how 21st century wars will be driven by competition over access to scarce and valuable natural resources due, on the one hand, to rising world affluence, population growth and the rise of China as a major industrial economy and, on […]

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How Federal Spending Priorities Make Us Less Secure

A talk by Jo Comerford at Greenfield Community College, 4/23/2010 Jo provides evidence that our growing military spending is starving “Main Street” services,including schools, libraries, police and fire departments, and health and human services.  She addresses, specifically, how the costs of the war in Afghanistan and the occupation of Iraq contribute to our recession-ridden economy […]

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Building Peace in a Stormy World: Exploring the Causes and Conditions of War and Peace

A talk by Paula Green at Greenfield Community College,9/24/2010 Dr. Green’s talk and photos explored her work as an international peacebuilder and highlighted her understanding of the root causes of conflict and the obstacles to peace. She also talked about how insights from her professional training in psychology aid her efforts to create learning environments […]

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Poetry & Resistance: A Celebration

A talk by Michael True at Greenfield Community College,11/5/2010 Michael True, an activist peace educator, has documented the nonviolent tradition in American literature.  He introduced his presentation on poetry and peacemaking in our Roots of Peace series, by saying the “most important thing we can do as peacemakers is teach peacemaking skills.”  Under themes of “Battlefield,” “Homefront,” […]

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A survivor speaks of his experience surviving the atomic bomb

A talk by Takaaki Morikawa at Greenfield Community College, 4/29/2011 Takaaki Morikawa, a survivor of the Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima, shared his personal history of the event using a power point presentation and a film dramatically illustrating the devastating effects of the use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   Mr. Morikawa’s presentation described […]

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BRATTLEBORO, Vermont—Carrying facts about the dangers of radiation and nuclear power and attired as medical professionals, women of the Shut It Down Affinity Group appeared at Entergy headquarters Monday to alert officials to the necessity of closing their Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon. Brattleboro police commanded by Lieutenant Robert Kirkpatrick arrested eight women […]

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The State of Vermont has scheduled a trial the week after Thanksgiving for civil resistance at Entergy Corporation’s Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon. The actions of six women arrested August 30, 2011 for unlawful trespass when they padlocked the main gate will be weighed by a jury beginning November 27. The state’s action […]

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