Where do we go from here?

Greenfield Common, Saturday vigil November 7, 2020

Three weeks after an election, decisive but still contested by the loser, many groups around the country are focused on the future, here are a few:
Massachusetts peace and activist groups' strategy conference via Zoom offers many interesting presenters on December 5-6:
Preparing our Movements for the Next Four Years .
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Meanwhile, youth-led Sunrise Movement climate activists want the new administration to reject hiring anyone with ties to the oil and gas industries -- as has happened: Sunrise Movement Climate Activists Call On Biden To 'Keep His Promises'
Latest news from Black Lives Matter

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Listening to the Call of the Great Spirit
Peace Walk 2020

Traprock was honored to support the New England Peace Pagoda's recent walk. Read their moving 7 page report here.
"Our 2-week walk from October 15 - 31 'Listening to the Call of the Great Spirit: Facing 400 Years of Colonization Since Mayflower Landing and Walking into the Future', could not be considered a long walk, but it felt to most of us to be a Walk vast and deep. 2020 was the 5th in a 5-year commitment by the Peace Pagoda to walk this silenced history of violent colonization of the Indigenous Peoples and their Ancestral Lands, in the region now called 'New England'." Resources Picture