Economic sanctions: War by another name

By Pat Hynes Originally published in the Greenfield Recorder: 9/3/2019 9:05:19 AM In early 2019, the White House threatened to invade Venezuela, take down the government and replace it with their choice of president and…

Valley anti-war activist Frances Crowe dies at 100

By DUSTY CHRISTENSEN, Staff Writer Originally published in the Greenfield Recorder Published: 8/27/2019 5:59:23 PM NORTHAMPTON — Legendary anti-war activist and longtime city resident Frances Crowe died on Tuesday morning at the age of 100….

Remembering Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Originally published on August 7, 2019 in the Greenfield Recorder. Venerable Brother Towbee Keyes, Venerable Brother Gyoway Kato and Sister Clare Carter, from the New England Peace Pagoda, offer chants and prayers as people gather…

Remember, and Prevent, Nuclear War

By ANNA GYORGY Originally published on July 25, 2019 in the Montague Reporter. TURNERS FALLS – The Japanese city of Hiroshima was bombed on August 6, 1945, and three days later Nagasaki. Each year, many…

Give back peace, give up nuclear weapons

By PATRICIA HYNES and VICKI ELSON Published: 7/22/2019 9:26:07 AM  Originally published in the Greenfield Recorder.   Give back my Father,  Give back my Mother.  Give Grandpa,  Grandma back;  Give my sons  and daughter back. …

Reckless and unjust

The state Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has its head in the sand in light of current environmental health findings regarding the human health and climate polluting effects of burning biomass to generate energy. Calling it “clean energy” and promoting legislation to give state renewable energy subsidies,

On corporate exploitation and military aggression

Why would so many Guatemalans make the arduous journey to the U.S.-Mexican border seeking refuge, knowing the hatred heaped on them by the Trump administration? A short list of our long history of corporate exploitation and military aggression in that country might explain.