Peacemakers Award

17th annual Peacemaker Awards recognize local youth leaders

At the the 17th annual Peacemaker Awards Thursday night, four students expressed the importance of listening to others — even the youth.

“There’s a strong idea that the ideas and thoughts and drives that young people have are not as useful and important,” award-winner Larkin Christie said. “It’s really important that we recognize the wisdom of people who have lived on this earth bring, but I don’t want that to undermine the opinions and thoughts of young people.”

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16th Annual Peacemaker Awards & Nominations

The Peacemaker Awards, presented by the Franklin County Interfaith Council and Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, recognize youth in Franklin County engaged in projects making positive contributions toward justice and peace within their communities and in the wider world. Nominations are due April 18th.

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Peace Award Honor Students

ARN ALBERTINI Recorder Staff 5/13/2011 Reprinted courtesy of the Recorder, Greenfield MA TURNERS FALLS — This year’s Peacemakers all distinguished themselves by helping out their fellow students, whether it was by sitting with others who…