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Getting to the roots of climate repair – even at a Garlic Festival

By ANNA GYORGY Friday, October 05, 2018 (printed on Thursday: Hurricanes wreak destruction in the Carolinas, the Philippines and beyond. A season of out-of-control wildfires, drought in some areas, floods in others should have brought home to all the reality of climate change, and related disruption. So what to do? Clearly action is needed […]

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Women gather in a village near Mysore, India. (Adam Jones ) (CC-BY-SA)

Female Equality Is Key to a Sustainable Future

I am looking at the faces of 10-year-old girls from across the world—faces brimming with expectancy. The U.N. report, “The State of World Population 2016,” opens with their photos, and these words are part of the introduction to Chapter 4, “The Face of the Future”: With support from family, community and nation, and the full realization of […]

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