Books and Films For Peace and Justice

Traprock’s rich collection of hundreds of films and books on peace, social justice and environmental issues and themes has been transferred to Greenfield Community College library. Topics include historical, recent and current armed conflicts, liberation struggles, Cuba, the politics of US foreign policy and US militarism, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, depleted uranium, civil disobedience and conscientious objection, the role of media, future of food, issues of natural resources, sustainable agriculture, and climate change.

Traprock books and films are incorporated into the GCC Peace, Justice and Environmental Studies library collection. In spring 2014 the collection was publicized to regional high school and college educators for their classroom use.

Guide to GCC library Traprock collection: Films Books

Traprock films and books can be requested through C/W MARS interlibrary loan and those materials will be delivered to a participating library in the C/W MARS system.