Articles by George Aguiar

Leverett activist: Trump presidency calls for ‘shift of consciousness’

There’s also a need for “shifting our consciousness toward a full understanding of our interconnectedness and interdependence,” in what Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela of South Africa called ubuntu: “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. A person is a person through other people. Humanity is a quality we owe to each other.”

Children at heart of this collection

GREENFIELD — The Greenfield Public Library will release a new collection of children’s books centered around themes of peace, social justice and nature during an event Saturday afternoon. At least 60 books were purchased with…

16th Annual Peacemaker Awards & Nominations

The Peacemaker Awards, presented by the Franklin County Interfaith Council and Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, recognize youth in Franklin County engaged in projects making positive contributions toward justice and peace within their communities and in the wider world. Nominations are due April 18th.

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Saturday, December 12 2 pm ​Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe ​​A Healing Ceremony for our Souls and for the World We will enter into the healing energies of our Lady of Guadalupe. ​All…

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Renewables Are Ready

Renewables Are Ready is a presentation developed in response to the defining issue of our times – climate change. Our goals are to inform about the advances in renewable energy technologies and their potential, together…

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SOCIAL JUSTICE INSTITUTE — Heart-centered involvement in social change

This training supports people to see themselves as involved in a life-long engagement in social change fueled by their own heart calling,while connected to generations of those who came before. We will learnhow to lead three basic activities relating to communicating nonviolently and changing systemic oppression. We will keep a focus on supporting the empowerment of women’s voices and address violence against women, creating our own analysis of sexism.

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COMMON THREADS — Generations in Conversation on Social Change

From across the generations, people will come together as conscious leaders of social change to explore what we can learn from each other and ask — What is the work that needs to be done?

The goal of the gathering is to help people take part in a long-line of generations working for the common good, believing in their ability to raise their voice, and taking actions for positive change. We will participate in the Fourth Wave of feminism by expanding the boundaries of the discussion and foster intersectionality in social change.

The day includes small groups, inspirational speakers, music, drumming, slam poetry,songs by local young people, and a variety of workshops.