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Stories will be shared connecting us to the power of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Mexico on her traditional feast day to bring the strength of women’s ways of knowing and inspire each other in this era of change and challenge.

While citizens embraced ‘Silent Spring,’ a poisonous war raged on

Pat Hynes & Frances Crowe – Rachel Carson’s ground-breaking book “Silent Spring, published in September 1962, ignited modern U.S. environmentalism and resulted in new laws for environmental and public health protection in the United States. Two days before it came out, President Kennedy signed his approval for the so-called “rainbow herbicides” (Agents Orange, White, Purple, Green, Pink and Blue, named for the colored bands on the herbicide barrels ) to be sprayed on Vietnamese crops.

Think Like A Commoner

Traprock Peace Education Center at GCC invites you to hear David Bollier on: Think Like a Commoner October 17 from 12-1:30 GCC Main Building C208 At a time when our representative democracy has become a…

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NAMING OUR POWER with featured Artist María Luisa Arroyo
An intergenerational event that brings together girls and women of all ages
Saturday Feb 15, 2-4pm Easthampton