Our Mission

We work in community to end violence against Earth, her people, and all living beings and to support all endeavors to bring about a just world.

Traprock Center for Peace and Justice provides leadership to end war and address environmental and justice issues nationally and locally in the Pioneer Valley, thinking globally while acting locally. Traprock is project-oriented and updates and expands its focus in response to current needs. From 2013 – 2016 Traprock broadened its work through four commitments.

  1. Agent Orange: U.S. Responsibility. Pat Hynes, Traprock’s Director, gave presentations from her investigation of Agent Orange in Vietnam and raised funds to support Peace Villages there. These are organized and built by the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange.
  2. Women and Life on Earth Internet Project. Traprock’s newest affiliated project, WLOE works internationally. Under the leadership of Anna Gyorgy, this website in English, Spanish and German focuses on women and peace, ecology and global justice to bring information and contacts needed in this time and highlight solutions for healthy communities.
  3. Renewables are Ready! Pat Hynes developed this presentation in response to a defining issue of our times – climate change — to inform about the advances in renewable energy technologies and identify political obstacles.
  4. Peace Net for Girls and Women addresses the place of sexism in the interlocking wheel of oppression and promotes positive multi-age dialogue.

At the same time Traprock continues to sponsor the “Roots of Peace” series, held at Greenfield Community College, with informative programs that include speakers, films, and reports from peace makers traveling and working internationally.

Traprock’s renewed emphasis on peace education and peace leadership includes “The Young Peacemaker Awards” and Peace Net for Girls and Women, launched in 2013. Traprock supports local struggles — such as the successful campaign to close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power station and the current effort to prevent a fracked gas pipeline in the region; support for sustainable energy, and economic justice. Through “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword,” the writings of Board President Pat Hynes on war and militarism, climate change, nuclear power, and vital social justice issues are available for local and national news sites and carried on websites worldwide.