16th Annual Walk for a New Spring

As crises arise from many directions, people are opening their hearts, making great effort to move the crisis conditions from “danger” to “opportunity.”

Before our eyes, immigrants are feeling the violence or imminent threat of violence of arrest and deportation.  Families traumatically wrenched apart; deported people often facing unlivable situations upon return, sometimes even death.

This is not what this country should be.

The monks and friends of New England Peace Pagoda wish to dedicate our 16th annual Walk for a New Spring to “Sanctuary Cities – Sanctuary World.” For 3 weeks we will walk in Massachusetts and for 1 week in Washington DC to show active solidarity with immigrants, to honor the many people, faith communities and other communities and political leaders who are coming together across all lines to commit to sanctuary for our immigrant brothers and sisters.

We call also for a “Sanctuary World” – a world free of the terrifying oppression of war and weaponry. Domestically and internationally – let the US begin our destined and true path of demilitarization and the building of a peaceful country.

2017 walk brochure