Building Community Resilience to Increase the Peace

A talk by Tina Clarke at Greenfield Community College, 2/18/2011

Tina Clarke, Regional Coordinator of Transition Towns, spoke about the Transition Town movement to transition from a carbon to a post carbon world by creating resilient communities. Given the role of oil in recent U.S. wars in the Iraq, the transition town movement is vital for ending conflict driven by scarce natural resources and for achieving peace through community-building for sustainable living.

Tina Clarke has been an advocate, educator, consultant, and director of nonprofit programs since 1985. She was recently a consultant with Bill McKibben’s global initiative and the Sustainability Institute . She has been providing professional training and support for community leaders and campaigns for over 20 years.  In Washington, D.C. she directed national citizen advocacy training programs for faith communities, and directed Greenpeace USA’s citizen activist network. She has consulted with over 400 NGOs on organizational development, public outreach, coalition-building, and energy and environmental issues.  In Massachusetts she directed a regional nonprofit assistance center, training leaders in strategic planning, fundraising, and organizational development. As a Campaign Director for Clean Water Action, she initiated and helped lead coalitions on environmental justice, toxins and energy. Tina has an M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, a B.A. in urban studies from Macalester College, and is certified for consensus process facilitation and mediation. She is popular speaker on energy and environmental issues, creative frugality, and social change.  She has trained and advised over three dozen Transition Initiatives.

Tina’s 2/18/2011 talk was not recorded at GCC, but a similar earlier talk was recorded there. Thanks to the GCC video archive the earlier talk is available for viewing here